Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week 27 (3/21/2016)

Hello everyone and happy Easter week!

This week was pretty normal other than a handful of things. We've been working with several of our investigators and whatnot. We've also found a handful of new people but mostly same old stuff.

We were working specifically with our investigators Pedro and José G. this week to prepare them for baptism this Saturday. Pedro is fantastic. He met with the missionaries a long time ago, but Elder Hernandez and his old companion found him again. He lives alone, is missing a leg, and is super ready to be baptized. He does the homework better than anyone else I've taught.
José G. lives with one of Elder Hernandez's converts. He's 77 and can't read so it's kind of hard to teach him sometimes but Hermana Susana (who he lives with) is really good and helps a lot. We're confident that he can be ready for baptism this Saturday.

We also have a few other people that we're prepping for baptism in April. José B., Cecilia, and Alejandro.

José B. is pretty weird and he also lives alone but he really likes when we visit and he understands the lessons pretty well. He was also working with other missionaries several years ago.

Cecilia is the "wife" of a reactivated member. We're working hard to get the divorce finished up so that they can get married and Cecilia can be baptized. I don't know if she'll be ready by the end of this change but we'll just have to see.

Alejandro was meeting with the missionaries before us as well. His wife is a recently return missionary and he has basically all the lessons. It's kind of like a baptism just fell into our laps. Haha!

This Sunday I was surprised to be called on to speak in sacrament meeting. It was kind of cold this weekend so not a lot of people showed up to church yesterday. The bishop called us the night before and said Elder Hernandez would speak. When we got to church the bishop told Elder Hernandez that the two of us would be speaking. That was a really nice thing to hear...While Elder Hernandez was speaking I scrambled to put together something about Easter. It wasn't so bad because I already had some ideas but I think I'm going to try and be prepared for the next time I'm called to speak.
After that Elder Vargas and I went and taught the primary about prophets. I thought talking in sacrament meeting was hard, but teaching little kids is way harder than teaching investigators. It was fine but I basically tried to keep the kids calm by drawing and folding paper cranes with them.

Earlier today we went to El Museo del Desierto. That was really cool. There were less birds than I would have liked but it was really fun. It had a lot of different things about geology, fossils, and all sorts of desert things. Elder Hernandez said that I should work there because I was explaining about each thing we saw. We also took a Book of Mormon and acted like we were reading it with some of the fossils and animals.

Here are the birds!
Orange-crowned Warbler
Barn Swallow
Northern Rough-winged Swallow
Bewick's Wren
Magnolia Warbler
Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Black-throated Sparrow
Red-tailed Hawk
No Spanish names this week because I'm running out of time. Sorry...

This week's spiritual thought is about the Atonement. The theme in all the classes for this month has been the Atonement and this week should be a time to really think about Christ and what He did for us. Christ willingly suffered everything for us. The Monday before His death He withered a fig tree with a word. He could have struck down His tormenters just as easily and gone away without suffering any more. He also died willingly for each of us. His death on the cross occurred after only a few hours. Death by crucifixion regularly last days. Christ gave everything completely willingly according to the will of our Heavenly Father. I hope that this week we can all think about how we can apply the Atonement in our lives and become more Christlike by showing obedience to our Father's will.

Thank you all for everything!
¡Les amo y extraño!
-Elder Steiner

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