Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week 73 (2/20/2017)

Hello everyone! I hope you have has a great President's day! Mine has been pretty normal but at least I get the day off with you.

This week was pretty normal. It was a little harder because we had to budget our taxi money a lot so there was a lot of walking instead of taxi rides. We were really blessed by members and investigators who gave us some extra money to get by. I really saw the tender mercies of the Lord this week.

I have also been a little sick this week but not too bad. It has made it awkward in lessons when I'm pulling piece after piece of toilet paper out of my pocket but I guess they understand. Haha!

The craziest day was Saturday because we had to run from lesson to lesson and we had to be pending all day for the other elders' baptism. To top it off it was Elder Reid's birthday so we got two cakes which are still in our fridge.

Today we went and had a picnic with some converts of the other elders. We went to a little river and I saw a bunch of cool birds. I saw a vermilion flycathcer for the first time ever which was really cool. I even identified it from far away because of it's flying habits. I felt like a birding pro. Haha!

Well, that's it for this week. I think we are going to baptize this Saturday but I'll let you all know how it goes.

Mucho amor!
-Elder Steiner

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