Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 87 (05/29/2017)

Happy Monday everyone!

Like I said last week we had some crazy changed in the zone the beginning of last week and I have a new companion. His name is Elder Ibarra and he has nine months as a missionary. He is from Acapulco and is a really good missionary. President wants me to get him ready to lead more in the mission so as a new leader I have to teach a new leader. Haha! Talk about the blind leading the blind... Just kidding but it is a little stressful. However, I'm certain we will have a lot of success here.

This week we had the chance to help another couple get married! We put a lot of effort in last weekend to help them sell and set up a raffle to earn money for the wedding. Their names are Mary and Eduardo and they have four little kids. Mary was meeting with the missionaries for a while but her husband never listened. A few weeks ago they had some problems and we were worried they would get separated but then we started teaching them together. We taught a lot about the importance of the family and Eduardo loved it. They were very happy to be married and baptized. I attached some photos of the baptism and when they got married. They got married at 12:00 and baptized at 5:00 the same day. I baptized Eduardo and Elder Salazar (our district leader) baptized Mary.

This week we also worked a lot with the other elders in our zone to get them going and excited for the coming months. The mission goal is one baptism for every missionary every month. This month we were able to meet the goal and then some so I have high hopes for Acuña. President wants us to be an example for everyone so we are working with faith and diligence.

Lately we have been going every Monday to play volleyball in the church with the other  missionaries. Today we also played some other games and it gets surprisingly competitive among missionaries. It's really fun though because we can become more united as a zone and gain trust.

Missionary work is really great and I am a little sad that my time is running out. I only have eleven weeks left here so I am going to do my best to get everything done.

Tomorrow we should have a baptism. Her name is Eliza and she is really sick. We taught her a while ago and we are going to baptize and confirm tomorrow. She is a really sweet lady and I'm glad we can help her. Elder Reid will baptize her because I taught her with him.

Thanks for reading! No bird news this week. I'll let you know next week. I love and miss you all!

-Elder Steiner


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