Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 10 (Its actually cold!) (11/23/2015)

Hello everyone!

We found our spoons this week and the fixing that I did to the toilet hasn't broken yet! Everything is looking up.

So, the biggest thing this week is that we had to go to Saltillo so I wouldn't get deported. It was another 8 hour bus ride back and we got there at night so we ended up doing everything the next day. I just had to sign two pieces of paper but it was very important. Elder Muñoz also had to sign something but i'm not sure what it was for.

We slept in the secretaries house that night. In the morning they went to the office to work while we stayed there with a few other missionaries to study. When we were done studying we went to get lunch but when we went to leave we locked ourselves out. We ended up having to break back into the secretaries' house to get the keys.

Saltillo is a lot bigger than Piedras Negras. There's a lot more there to do for pday and such so I hope I serve in a Saltillo area at some point. Also, there's a bird park somewhere there. That would be fantastic.

The work has been going but our only consistant investigators are still just Antonio and Lorena. Antonio needs to finish the divorce and then they need an interview with the president before we can do much more than keep teaching them. We're hoping that they can get an interview with the mission president when he comes to Piedras this week. It's mostly just a waitin game with them. We're looking hard for more investigators but most of them don't progress. It's hard but I know it's the right thing and all the people are nice. They just don't progress in the lessons very well.

Here are the birds. It's considerably shorter than before because of all the ones I cut out.
-Ruby-crowned Kinglet -Reyezuelo Sencillo
-Great Kiskadee -Bienteveo Grande
-Cattle Egret -Garza Ganadera
-Killdeer -Chorlito Tildío
-Common Raven -Cuervo Grande
-White-faced Ibis -Ibis Cariblanca
-American Robin -Zorzal Petirrojo (This one was weird. It seriously shouldn't be here but I saw and heard it)
-Red-tailed Hawk -Augililla Coliroja
-Curve-billed Thrasher -Cuitlacoche Piquicurvo
-Bronzed Cowbird -Vaquero Ojirrojo
-Green Parakeet -Perico Verde Mexicano

Thank you all for everything and for writing me! I love and miss you all.

-Elder Steiner

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