Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 11 (11/30/2015)

Hello everyone!

I officially have one month in the field! Hooray!

Happy Thanksgiving (last week)! I forgot to say anything about it because it isn't super huge here. Some people celebrate Thanksgiving here on the border but not everyone. We were invited to dinner that day but we didn't end up going because we set a lot of appointments and such. It was okay though because we had a big lunch and in the morning I spent personal study writing in my gratitude journal. I also spent a while saying a prayer just thanking Heavenly Father for everyhting. Prayers of thanks can be really powerful especially when we're going through hard things.

On Tuesday I had exchanges with Elder Taylor, one of our zone leaders. It was really cool to work with him and get a new example of how to teach. He taught super efficiently but it didn't feel rushed. The Spirit was always present and I felt like we were always on track even though literally every appointment fell through. I hope that I can get to that point and just embrace the work.

On Friday we had a Christmas activity with all the missionaries in the northern part of the mission. We all had to buy a gift for a gift exchange. I bought a Christmas teddy bear and some chocolate and I got a hoodie. Hermana and Hermano Lugo, the senior missionaries in the mission, spoke about Christmas and gave their testimonies of the Savior. It was a little hard to get it all because of the Spanish but not impossible. President Rodriguez also spoke about Christmas and the circumstances surounding Christ's birth. It was really cool because I had read about all of that in Jesus the Christ in the MTC. It was really powerful.

We also had lunch all together and did a few activities but the most important part was that we went out to the plaza by the bridge over to Eagle Pass, TX and had a choir and video set up. We went around the plaza contacting people and having them come watch the church's Christmas video. It went fairly well but during one of contacts the sky suddnenly got really dark. At first I thought it would be good because now everyone could see the video better but then the rain started. It was really windy and it got so rainy that a lot of the roads became rivers. It's dry now but it was crazy.

I saw some pretty cool birds this week. Not a lot of new or weird ones, though.
-Greater Roadrunner -Correcaminos Mayor (Finally!)
-Great Kiskadee -Bienteveo Grande
-Cattle Egret -Garza Ganadera
-Wilson's Warbler -Chipe de Wilson
-American Coot -Gallareta Americana
-Ladder-backed Woodpecker -Carpintero Listado
-Great Egret -Garza Grande
-Chihuahuan Crow/Raven -Cuervo Llanero
-Mallard -Pato de Collar

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and that you are all doing well! Everything is going well here. It's pretty tiring but I'm enjoying it. I hope to improve a lot and be able to teach well.

Thanks for everything! I miss you all.

-Elder Steiner

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