Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 7 (11/02/2015)

Hello Everyone!

I have a lot to say but not a lot of time so I´ll try to keep it brief.

The trip from SLC to Saltillo was an adventure. Not a lot happened before Mexico other than that I got to call my parents. That was really nice because I was having trouble with the payphone so a member let me borrow his phone. He has a missionary son in Argentina. He was reallly nice.

In the Mexico city airport I had a 4 hour layover. That was very nere racking but it was also very cool. I orded a Subway sandwich in Spanish which was a lot easier than I expected. I tried to call home using the payphones but they didn´t work so I was kind of bummed. Luckily some members that go back and forth between Mexico and Idaho came and talked to me. They really raised my spirits.

After that I was sitting there reading Jesus the Christ and an English speaking Memeber came and talked to me. His name was Ricardo Granillo and he was heading to Saltillo as well so we stuck together. We taught a brief lesson in the airport to someone that noticed my badge. It was really cool.

I have been assigned to the Piedras Negras zone. My companion is Elder Muñoz and he´s really cool. He´s from Queen Creek, Arizona. He´s been here a year. Piedras is 9 hours north of Saltillo so we took a bus.

We´ve been working really hard finding an teaching and it´s really fun but still hard. Mexico is very different and I´m trying to get used to it.

So I can only get mail every 6 weeks unless I´m in the zone with the mission office. All the mail should be sent to the mission office and then the missionaries bring it out to the different zones at changes. Keep that in mind when sending mail please.

Week 7 birds:
-American Crow - Cuervo Americano
-Scrub Jay - Chara Azuleja
-House Sparrow - Gorrion Domestico
-Greater white-fronted goose - ganso careto mayor
-White winged dove
-rock dove
-cooper´s hawk
-great-tailed grackle
-golden-fronted woodpecker
-cattle egret
-eurasian collard dove
-house finch
-european starling
-common ground dove
-inca dove
-orange-crowned warbler
-green parakeet
-tree swallow
-northern mockingbird
(I had to stop with the spanish for time)

I love you all and miss you. Thanks for everything!

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