Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 79 (04/03/2017)

Hello everyone and happy General Conference!
This week was really good with a wedding (finally) and Carlos's baptism! Then we finished with General Conference which was even better.
We had a lot of success this week and found 17 new investigators, baptized, and had seven investigators come to General Conference.
We had our baptism on Friday which turned out really well. We were a little slow getting everything together and we had to run around a little bit but we go it all done. We rode in the back of a truck with several other elders for most of the running around part so that was a little rough but we pulled it out in the end! Now all of Carlos's family is baptized so they can start preparing to go to the temple next year and hopefully Elder Reid will be able to go with them!
Friday night there was a Relief Society activity with lots of desserts so that was a great was to finish a crazy day.
On Saturday we had general conference all day and we even ate in the church. All of the sessions were really great and I can't wait to read them later. We had a crazy storm in the the middle of the night on Saturday and I woke up three times. Twice from lightning and once from tornado alarms. It was really crazy but we were all okay.
Sunday was also really good and I really liked all of the talks. We were able to watch all of the sessions in English in the church office. That was really convenient.
Today we had lunch with the zone leaders because we met our goals for last week.
Birds: There are a bunch of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers around here lateley. They are really pretty birds. I see them fighting sometimes as we walk in the morning.
That's about it for this week. Thanks for everything! I hope you have a great week.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Steiner

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