Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 3 (10/02/2015)

Happy pday everyone!

This week went a lot more quickly than last week. Everything is moving faster it seems. While my companions and I were walking over to our building to email we were practically sprinting (extra brisk walking).

This next part is kind of long winded and probably not interesting to most of you but I wanted to record it somewhere in case you were curious about my district.

I can't remember if I've talked about my district yet so I'll do that now. My companions are Elder Ashcraft and Elder Ogles. Elder Aschcraft is from California and he played football. He's going to Chicago West. Elder Ogles is from Provo and he played water polo. He's going to LA. The other elders in the district are Elder Langi and Elder Kerns. Elder Langi is from Oregon and he was pretty "disappointed" to hear about the Utah-Oregon game. I was pretty happy, though. And on top of that BYU lost so it's been a good week. Regardless, Elder Langi also played football and rugby. He's headed to Oklahoma City. Elder Kerns is from Sacramento. He was on a fishing boat in Alaska for the last 3 months so he likes to talk about that. His stories are pretty cool. He's going to LA as well.

There are 4 hermanas in the district, Hermanas Heller, Albrechtsen, Lunt, and Weight. They're really nice and I'm glad we have hermanas in our district. The district that left this week didn't have any. Hermana Heller is from Wisconsin. She likes birds so I think she's pretty cool. She's going to LA. Hermana Albrechtsen is from Farmington. She's small and quiet but when I can hear her she has some amazing comments and spiritual thoughts. She also wrote a whole bunch about each of the district so we had her read them to us to see what our first impressions were like. She's going to Chicago West. Hermana Lunt is excited. I guess that's the right word. She is louder than most everyone in the district but she makes it fun. She is going to Kansas, Wichita. Hermana Weight is the equivalent of a ZL for the Hermanas. She is kind of quiet but she is really funny. She's going to Mesa Arizona as a visitor center missionary.

That may have been too much but I wanted to say a little about each of them.

This week "Sylvia" became our second teacher. Her name is Hermana Brotherson. We sometimes call her Hermana Hermano-Hijo. Haha. Spanish. She has a new investigator character called Tess. We taught her this week and I think we're doing a good job.

Hermano Croft, our first teacher, baby was born this week. Hooray! Because of that he hasn't been here for a few days. His investigator character is named Phil so when he gets back we'll be teaching him. For now we have substitutes in the class periods he would teach in.

Yesterday I took the train up to Salt Lake City. Two other missionaries and I were going to get our visas from the Mexican Consulate. It took a while to get there and back but we met some cool people. Not a lot happened on the way there but on the way back it seemed like everyone was a fluent Spanish speaker. The people we sat across from were a Mexican couple that didn't speak English and then the people behind us were a french guy that lived in Mexico for 4 years and a man that lived in Pachuca, one of our missions. The Mexican couple helped us practice Spanish but they knew all about our missions. It was exciting.

Sadly, I won't be going to Mexico because I'm already halfway done here but at least I'm going to be to my mission on time.

I'm out of time to write because I need to go get a haircut. I'm a little worried because it's my first MTC haircut. Keep a prayer in your hearts for my.

I love and miss all of you!

-Elder Steiner

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