Thursday, January 12, 2017

Week 66 (1/2/2017)

Happy New Year and Christmas!

Sorry for not writing last week. Pday got a little crazy...We went to the dam and we didn't get back until about 5:45 so we had to write to president super quickly.

These last two weeks have been pretty busy. We had lots of activites with the branch and as missionaries the week of Christmas. There was a branch activity Thursday and then a mission activity FridaySaturday was Christmas Eve and then Christmas on Sunday. That whole weekend was really busy. 

This week was a little less busy but we still had a lot to do. On Saturday we didn't get to work at all because a dog bit my companion. What a great way to spend your first New Year's Eve as a missionary...It was only a tiny bite but it was pretty annoying because we drove around to a bunch of different hospitals and none had the injection we needed so we went to do it today. He's fine incase any of you are worried. We washed the bite with alchohol and put a bandage and everything. My companion does, however, avoid all the dogs on the street now. Haha!

I got some packages on Christmas morning so it looks like Santa stopped by the mission offices to bring the packages to Acuña. He even put them under the tiny Christmas tree! Ellie sent me a little notebook made out of an old Peterson bird guide which was really cool. I've decided to use it now as my journal to record all the new species I see. Starting from the 26th (when we went to the Amistad Dam) I am going to record every new bird I see until I get home. I might make it like a mini big year. Haha!

Today we finally got around to reorganizing the whole house. It was a little disorganized from the last elders and we haven't had much time to clean it all up until today. It looks way better than before.

Well, that's it for today. I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year. About eight months until I get home so I'm going to make them good!

Elder Steiner

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