Thursday, January 12, 2017

Week 67 (1/9/2017)

Happy Monday everyone!

This week has been pretty normal. Not a lot happened but I do feel really good in my new area with Elder Reid. It has been a little stressful these last few weeks but I feel like We're finally in a good rythm here. Working with members has been kind of tricky not knowing where they live or who they are but it's getting easier now.

This week we found a really great family. The mother is a member of the church from several years ago but hasn't gone to church in a long time. She has three kids (all older than 8 (Woooo!)) and her husband isn't a member either. Her nephew is also living with them so that totals to five baptisms if we can teach them. The kids really like us and I love teaching kids.

Elder Reid has been learning a lot. I feel like he's going to be a way better missionary than me. His Spanish ability holds him back a bit but he has learned everything so quickly. I'm really happy to be training him and to have this chance to share some of what I've learned.

I'm seeing the impact that the Holy Ghost can have on my life every day. I can really feel proptings to contact certain houses or to use certain questions in lessons. I'm really grateful that I can be a missionary and have these experiences. Even though I haven't baptized very many people I have seen changes in lives and in my own life.

I forgot my bird journal again this week. I'll bring it next week to report on my progress. Haha! Birds are so great and thanks again to Ellie for my new notebook.

Thanks to everyone for writing and for your love! I love you all and I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Steiner

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